Turn your Free Wifi 
into a marketing machine

CONNECT FI!  Plug-n-play Wi Fi hot spot that captures customer data like email address, mobile#, name and birthday.

Gives your customer safe internet access and your business gets insights, full tables and higher spending.

WiFi Marketing...
Repeat business.

Your customers crave WiFi for their mobile phones. It's faster, provides a better connection and they prefer to shop and dine with businesses offering WiFi.

Convert your Free WiFi into a great marketing and loyalty system.

Turn Your WiFi into a Marketing Machine - Start Today!

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turn your wifi into a marketing machine

Wifi - automated marketing

CONNECT-Fi is UNMATCHED! “We give our users WiFi marketing experience you simply can’t get with other vendors. You have more signup strategies, more redemption options, and more automated promotional campaigns. Then there’s fully integrated mobile/email marketing and survey reputation management tools. You’re all set with 1 login ID to manage everything OR we’ll set it up for you plug & play.”

Grow your marketing list

Grow marketing lists on auto pilot with accurate Facebook data, name, email, birthday, with optional SMS opt-in and rewards program enrollment.

automated marketing

Connect to your guests with automated marketing messages that brings customers back including our robust library of ready to use holiday promotions.

set it and forget it

No ongoing work, staff training or upkeep required. We manages your updates, send Email Marketing/Mobile Text Marketing campaigns.



We will send you your WiFi Hot Spot Marketing Kit that is plug-n-play.  Simply plug in CONNECT Fi to existing access point(s) and let customers connect with your store over any WiFi capable device. Our adaptive sign on process for first time and repeat customers provides a seamless experience. Today you need a secure service that's why our WiFi router's firewall will reject all incoming ports while allowing outgoing.

PLug & play
Simply plug in to existing internet modem or access point, plug into your electric and your business is ready to offer FREE WiFi and start collecting customer email addresses and mobile numbers



Your customers crave FREE WiFi. No passwords are necessary and your POS WiFi is SAFE! Your customer simply access your FREE WiFi by:

Sign on with an Email Address

Sign on with their Facebook Account

Sign on with their Mobile#

Add Rewards

Send an invitation to create a VIP/rewards account with your business to claim a special bonus or coupon in exchange for more data (name, birthday, anniversary etc.)

Increase Repeat Business

After your customer enters their email and mobile number they will receive timely offers, promotions, messages or alerts that you set.  Then sit back and let your automated promotions and scheduled campaigns bring customers back more frequently.

ADD - Birthday clubs, Rewards, Mobile coupons and incentives to your marketing campaigns. 

marketing messages

Connect to your guests with automated marketing messages, offers and surveys. 


Customize everything from splash page, data allowance, wFfi time allowance, SSID, and more.

Grow marketing list

Grow your marketing list with accurate Facebook data, Email addresses and mobile numbers.

Grow social media

Redirect your customers to social media pages, websites, or other promotional content.

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Turn Your WiFi into A Marketing System

Grow your business with WiFi CONNECT

Get more from Your Free WiFi
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upgrade to our premium features and GET MORE SIGN UPS, CHECK-INS AND COUPON REDEMPTION and automation WITH A PREMIUM ACCOUNT


Mobile Marketing

Reach Your customers in minutes

  • Send Digital Coupons
  • Capture Mobile Numbers
  • Check In Loyalty
  • Facebook Plugin

Birthday club

Celebrate your customers birthdays with built-in birthday marketing

  • people are ready to spend money on their birthday
  • more shoppers
  • increased avg. sale
    by 78% or more


Reward your customers for referrals, spreading word of mouth, and purchases.

  • Value back or fixed rewards
  • automatic issue of rewards
  • referral program
  • viral share
  • issue rewards based on purchases


Let FanCONNECT send offers, coupons, specials and promos automatically.

  • Birthdays
  • anniversary
  • thank you
  • referral
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